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Aroma Bliss Body

★   60 min   7,500 yen
★   90 min   9,700 yen 
★ 120 min 12,500 yen

A blissful blend of relaxing and deep massage strokes, coupled with natural oils, will bring a feeling of renewed spirit and wellness to the body.

Aroma Conditioning

★  60 min   7,500 yen 
★  90 min   9,700 yen 
120 min 12,500 yen   

A fusion of traditional English aromatherapy, Lymphatic drainage Massage and stretch techniques will release your tension and fatigue. Good for after exercise, included Pro-athlete.


Rescue Release

★ 30 min 4,300 yen
★ 60 min 7,900 yen

Customize your treatment with effective natural blended oils to focus on relieving muscle tension where you need it.